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Sunday Service on the Diocesan Property 1/1/2017

The tent service in action
"I saw God today:
A bee serving
its hive
by serving
a flower."
poem by David Jones
A fish hook for catching a fish of fire
Father Jar
Father Jar during his sermon
The substance of communion
Ashley C leading the prayers #1
Ashley C leading the prayers #2
A candle engaging in some self-reflection during the sermon
Worship leader Kelly in action
The band in "power duo" form with helpful stagehand and occasional special guest vocalist Christine C
Singer and DOK member Kala singing joyfully unto the Lord
Grace singing "cat-fully" to the Lord. Great shirt, Grace!
Daughter and mother: Ashely C and Jennifer
Father Jar lifting the wine
Father Jar breaking the bread
Chalice bearer Kerry and Father Jar just before starting to serve communion
Princess Kaia (the newest heroine of Star Wars) receiving the host
Leo receiving the host
Kala dipping the host
Father Jar giving the closing blessing