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St Nick's Church

St Nick's Photo Gallery

Sunday Service at Kapolei Elementary School 11/6/2016

Photographs by Kevin

In the congregation: Alice S, Becky, Grace, Paul C.

Father Jar blessing the left with holy water and Hawaiian salt.

Father Jar blessing the right with holy water and Hawaiian salt.

After the service, congregation members learning to make palm crosses from kupuna Kala. Also in the picture: Cheryl, Briana, and Paul C.

Cheryl getting started on her cross.

Photographs by David

St Nick's service during Father Jar's sermon.
Christine C doing the readings.
Bishop's warden Shana doing the smartphoning.
Father Jar doing the preaching.
Congregation doing the listening.
Luella and Bob W doing some praying.
Altar bearing candle and word during prayer.
Bassist Tom with James and Maile doing some praying.
Ashley C leading the prayers.