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Sunday Service at Kapolei Elementary School 10/16/2016

Panorama 1
Panorama 2
Panorama 3
Bowl at the front with cross awaiting holy water.
Bassist Tom getting ready to rock.
Worship leader Kelly getting ready to rock.
Hospitality team Brandie getting ready to serve drinks.
Gloria starting the readings.
Congregation during the readings: Rose S, Florence, Heather, Ashley, Quincy, Mike.
Congregation: Bob H, Ashley C, Jennifer, Christine
Tom the Piper's Son
Father Jar preaching.
Father Jar preaching across the altar.
Bowl at the front with holy water and cross.
Congregation: retired Father John, Carol and visitors.
"Hey, put that pedal to the metal and rock!"
Congregation standing: Rose S, Florence, Heather, Mike, Alice S and Becky
DOK member Briana leading the prayers.
Congregation: Carol C, mother, son, father
Gloria doing the announcements.
Alice S adding an announcement.
Hospitality in action: Kaia, Leo, Ashley, Quincey, with Alice S offering melon chunks and Brandie laughing with Leo
Faces at the hospitality table: Leo, Quincey, Father John, Ashley looking grim, and Alice S.
Ashley looking a lot happier as Alice S scoops goodies onto her plate.
Visitors: father, mother and their son.
Father John keeping an eye on the li hing mui apples Alice S is serving.
DOK president Shauna patiently enduring life as her husband's favorite photography model.
Shauna smiling along with Quincey and Ashley.
Carol C and visitors
Kaia and Leo
Cross and holy water.
photo by Kevin
Gloria doing the readings.
photo by Kevin
In the congregation: Ashley C, Jennifer and Christine C.
photo by Kevin
Band in action: keyboardist David, bassist Tom, worship leader Kelly on voice and guitar, and singer Kala.
photo by Kevin