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Sunday service at Kapolei Elementary School 10/2/2016

View of the service during Father Jar's sermon.
Altar guild setting up the altar: Bri and Kala.
Kelly is watching you, so coil that cable right!
In the congregation: Alice, Shauna, Doug, Heather, Ashley C, Quincey and Grace.
Father Jar reading the gospel.
Christine C doing the readings (part 1).
Christine C doing the readings (part 2).
Father Jar preaching (part 1).
Father Jar preaching (part 2).
In the congregation: Jennifer C, Ashley C, Bri.
Ashley C leading the prayers. Happy birthday, Ashley!
Bri, wearer of an awesome hat.
Altar candle.
Father Jar offering absolution.
Father Jar making the transition to offering the peace.
Father Jar offering the peace of God.
Bishop's warden Shayna doing the announcements.
The cross of Christ.