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Sunday service with Father Jar at Kapolei Elementary School 7/24/2016

Father Jar beginning the service.
Mike doing the readings. Also in the picture: Father Jar, Doug, Shayna, Keane.
Mike doing the readings.
Jenn, Ashley C, Christine and Kelly listening to the readings.
Quincey, Heather and Ashley the younger listening to the readings.
Father Jar beginning his sermon.
Kelly's guitar of choice.
Father Jar offering absolution.
Father Jar offering the peace of God.
Gloria doing the announcements.
Gathered at the goodies table after the service: Quincey, Ashley the younger, Rose, Doug; hospitality team Brandie, Alice S, and Heather.
At the goodies table after the service: Quincey, Rose, Doug as Brandie serves a cake to a hidden Ashley the younger. Alice S waits with the tasty golden dewlicious melon, while Heather looks on.
Many hands make a plate!
Ashley C dancing in the rain #1.
Ashley C dancing in the rain as sister Christine pasy homage to the dancing queen.
Ashley C dancing in the rain #2.
Christine cleverly hiding behind her own hand.
Christine and Ashley C
Quincey and Ashley the younger
In the golden glow of the glory of God as Mike does the readings. In homage to Kevin's panorama on June 26.

Photographs by Kevin