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First Sunday service with Father Jar at Kapolei Elementary School 7/17/2016

Kupuna and DOK Kala doing the readings #1.
Our new priest Father Jar reading the gospel #2.
Father Jar beginning his sermon.
Gloria leading the prayers.
Father Jar offering absolution.
Father Jar offering the peace of God.
Cheryl laughing during the announcements.
Father Jar holding our welcome gift to him.
In the congregation: Isaiah, Becky, Robert K, and others.
Panorama view of the service during the confession.

Photographs by Kevin

Bob H and Father Jar before the service.
Father Jar during the service.
Some photographers just get in the way.
Father Jar reading the gospel.
Gloria leading the prayers.
A young lady bringing up the offering with a smile.
During communion: Grace, Bob H, Doug, retired Father John and Carol, chalice bearer DOK president Shauna, and Father Jar.