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Sunday service at Kapolei Elementary School 6/5/2016

In the congregation: DOK members Shauna and Luella, along with the legendary Bob W.
In the congregation: Pua, and Bob H.
Father Alex Gaston giving his sermon with a candle in the background. Mahalo, Father Alex, for joining us!
Father Alex during his sermon.
Altar candle blowing a smoke ring.
Communion elements during the service: water, wafers and wine.
Ashley C leading the prayers.
Men at church
photograph by Kevin
Father Alex during the service
photograph by Kevin
Cheryl doing the readings
photograph by Kevin
Another view of Ashley C leading the prayers
photograph by Kevin
Kupuna and DOK member Kala doing the announcements
photograph by Kevin
Father Alex preparing communion
photograph by Kevin
Father Alex breaking the bread during communion
photograph by Kevin