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St Nick's Easter Sunday service at Kapolei Elementary School 3/27/2016

All photographs by Kevin Shin

A watchful Bishop Chang as DOK members Briana and Kala prepare the altar.
Prepared altar before the service.
Tom in action playing bass. He also plays guitar and sings.
Male part of the band in action: Tom, David, Kelly.
Bishop Chang preaching.
Kala leading the prayers.
In the congregation during the offering: bishop's warden Shana, Carol C, Ashley, Fr John. Also in picture: Cheryl, Jennifer C, Christine, Michael.
In the congregation during the prayers: Dee Chang, Paul C, Bob H and the back of Bob W.
Bishop Chang during the eucharist.
Congregation during the eucharist.
Congregation during the eucharist: James, Maile, Lizzy, Doug, others.
A traditional lamb cake.
Some of the Easter feast.
The whole band: Kala singing and playing tambourine, Tom, David, Kelly.
Easter in Paradise: A basket of eggs, bunch of orchids, and Hawaiian chocolate.
Jelly beans. Complete with the rare and precious black ones.
Easter feast brought to you by the hospitality team of Heather and Brandie S. Also in the picture: DOK president Shauna, Lizzy, Grace, others.
Easter feast closeup.
Easter feast picture featuring Heather's gloriously-happy expression. Thanks, Heather!