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Rockin' out on Ice Cream Sunday 6/2/2013

Congregation singing during one of the opening songs.
The Four Musicians of Faith in action
singer Liz, bassist Tom, singer/guitarist Kelly, worship leader/singer/guitarist Peter. No horses in sight.
Peter in action.
Singer/guitarist Kelly and worship leader/singer/guitarist Peter.
Bassist Tom in action, "rocking out" in his own quiet way.
Butch, king of the congas, in action.
Father Dale rocking the Eucharist.
Ariel Junior rocking the readings.
Christine, Jennifer, Ashley C
Father Dale rocking one of his favorite Old Testatment stories, about two bears and a group of unruly boys.
Kelly and Christine. She will someday graduate from college.
Congregation and band during the offering, with usher Cheryl rocking the offering basket.
Kelly rocking the doxology accapella in Hawaiian.
Picture through the congregation with the closing words of the sanctus on the projector.
Father Dale blessing a baby in the communion line.
Father Dale offering the body to Makamae, one of our new college graduates.
Father Dale offering the body to Ashely C, who will someday be a college graduate.
Father Dale offering the body to Deidre, who already graduated from college.
Kelly rocking out on the closing song.
Kelly and Peter rocking.
Liz getting ready to rock.
Liz rocking out.
Freshly-made-up evidence of the Awesome Ice Cream UFO that visited us on Pentecost Sunday. It includes all the major food groups: greens, whites, reds, light browns, and chocolate.