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Epiphany & Ice Cream Sunday Service 1/6/2013

Panoramic view of our "in the round" Ice Cream Sunday service as Father Paul preaches.
Christine doing the readings.
Father Paul reading the gospel.
Father Paul preaching exuberantly.
A cluster of congregants, including Luella, bishop's warden Bob W, singer Brooke, Sarah and friend, and a small row of children including Emma and Noah the Younger.
Father Paul preaching, silhouetted against one of the projection screens, in the middle of the congregation.
Doesn't it look like Father Paul is inviting us to come have an epiphany?
View through the congregation of one of the prayers.
Ariel Junior leading the prayers.
Congregants praying, including Mainor and Diana.
High-angle view over the top of the service during the confession.
Another view over the congregation of the start of the confession.
Noah the Younger and dok member and kupuna Maunakapu exchanging the peace.
Three members of our hospitality team: Maunakapu, Alice S, and Flossie.
Ice cream man Jeff fulfilling a child's wish for whipped cream.
Jeff finishing up the last touches on Emma's ice cream: chocolate sauce.
Emma with big grin and her ice cream bowl.
Singer-violinist and Ice cream assistant Deidre somehow got herself decorated with ice cream (note the spatters on her glasses, face and hair). How do you do that?
Mother Elle and daughter Eryn teaming up to decorate Eryn's ice cream.
Jeff scooping ice cream into Selene's bowl as a line of children awaits.
Selene going on her way as Ashley and other children study the ice cream options available. It's tough making selections from eight different ice creams!
Ashley's expression indicates she's moving on to the final critical stages: toppings.
Daughter and mother teaming up to decorate ice cream with chocolate whipped cream.
Emma and father Father Paul having a father-daughter moment. Possibly something about ice cream.
Dawn with a smile.