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First Sunday of Advent 11/28/2010

Emma ringing the sanctus bell at the first service.
Photo by Kevin
Father Paul engaging in warmup exercises before the second service.
Photo by Kevin
Connecting all the sounds together.
Advent candle burning before the second service.
Father Paul preaching about the liturgical year and the signifigance of Advent.
Father Paul preaching with two volunteers from the congregation holding part of the chain they've assembled illustrating the liturgical year.
Father Paul holding the linked loops corresponding with Holy Week.
Bishop's committee member Luella hooking the Holy Week loops into the chain.
Father Paul holding the large linked loops corresponding with Easter season.
Father Paul stretching a bungee cord to demonstrate how elastic the season of Pentecost is.
Hooking Pentecost into the chain of the liturgical year. Then they hooked this end on to the other end of the chain, Advent, forming the closed loop of the liturgical year.
Father Paul running inside the loop of the liturgical year, the way the church goes through the liturgical year.
Part of the Creed on the projector: "On the third day he rose again ... "
Sarah K exchanging the peace St Nick's style.
Advent candle flame after the service.
EDU-678 teacher Nena with a small member of her fan club.
Mother and sons preparing to make an Advent wreath.
A young girl reading through some of the KidZone Sunday school materials.
Christine, Colin and Noah the Younger enjoying time together after the service.
Visitors and St Nick's members talking after the service.
A table full of people making Advent wreathes.