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St Nick's Church

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Sunday Services 7/25/2010

Father Paul beginning communion.
Picture by Alex.
Chalice bearer Corey taking communion from Father Paul.
Picture by Alex.
Corey and Father Paul serving communion to two of Corey's daughters while Sarah T waits her turn.
Picture by Alex.
edge member Nicole smiling as she prepares to receive the wine during communion.
Picture by Alex.
Young lady Ari just about to dip the communion wafer in the wine.
Picture by Alex.
Father Paul preaching.
Another shot of Father Paul preaching.
Makamae leading the prayers.
Father Paul gesturing expansively to start off exchanging the peace.
Band singer/keyboardist Alice A exchanging the peace with someone off camera.
Cheryl starting the announcements.
People of all ages at the refreshments table.
Hospitality team members Maunakapu and Flossie serving refreshments to Rose S.
Others going through the refreshments line.
Teens and children sharing a table as they eat.
The members of the Thursday afternoon Covenant Group: Nena, Dot, Deanna, Bob H, Sarah T, Shauna, Malcom and Alice S.
Father Paul singing the doxoology over the offering.
Picture by Alex.
Father Paul offering the bread, "This is my body, given for you."
Picture by Alex.
Worship leader Kelly and Father Paul during the closing song.
Picture by Alex.