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St Nick's Church

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Sunday Services 7/26/2009

Congregation singing the opening song at the second service.
Our dynamic guest preacher, Father Frank, gesturing as he preaches.
View from the back of the congregation looking toward Father Frank in front of the altar.
In the Nick of Time band member Kelly leading the prayers of the people during the second service.
Today's tasty refreshments were provided by Rosie. In line at the refreshments, we have Rose, Malcom, Liz, and Jeff.
Hospitality team member Alice scooping up noodles for one of the girls.
Some of the KidZone teachers talking after the service: Malcom, Rose, Kerry and Deanna. Also in the picture: Liz and Shauna eating together.
edge member Nicole and Jarrica enjoying refreshments after the service.
A budding young drummer in action after the service.