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sunday service 3/22/2009

Chris, a very sound man, listening to the homily at the early service.
In the Nick of Time singer & guitarist Kelly giving the homily at the second service.
Image through the congregation of Kelly speaking.
The refreshments line drew people like, well, flies!
Ladies of all ages gathered for refreshments.
edge member Noah in green Billabong shirt looking to one side while little brother Jonah scopes out the refreshments.
Rosie looking rosey!
Kelly holding daughter Ashley while talking with former St Nick's member Amy (visiting from the mainland).
"If I can't see the camera, it can't see me!"
Scientific research has demonstrated that one of the first flavors babies learn to recognize and enjoy is Thumb.
Chris getting down with the big dogs - literally.
Nena after the service, catching some rays and talking with a friend via cellphone.
Alex and In The Nick of Time singer/violinist Deidre talking after the service.