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sunday service & performance by the covenant players 3/15/2009

Panoramic view of the early service with the Covenant Players Kurt and Kathy Purucker performing on stage.
Kurt from the Covenant Players setting the scene for their first play, about a man struggling with the idea that his sins are too great for God to forgive.
Kathy playing an angel in their first play.
Kurt and Kathy in action #1
Kurt and Kathy in action #2.
Kurt answering congregation member's questions about the Covenant Players.
Kathy opening their children's play, set in an imaginary world colored by the children in the congregation. Imagine this scene inside a treehouse under a lovely orange sky!
Child Kathy telling child Kurt her opinion of the King James Bible's "Jesus said, 'Suffer the little children to come unto me.'"
Child Kathy vehemently communicating her opinion of suffering little children. Child Kurt's eventual response: Maybe suffering is what awaits adults who don't let little children come to Jesus.
Kurt and Kathy during their drama for the adults.
Congregation members watching the performance.
Kurt and Kathy during their drama for the adults at the second service.
Jennifer, Christine and Ashley
Kurt ending the play for adults as his character realizes that God's forgiveness is sufficient and the way to heaven is open.
Kurt ending the play for adults (#2).
First one to the potluck table wins! And edge member Mike is determined to win. Also around the table: In The Nick of Time singer/violinist Deidre, and hospitality team members Maunakapu and Alice.