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seed pods - 2008.4.20

Some castor bean pods had split open and dried a bit near my office one day. I brought them home and let them dry some more, then arranged them in various ways and did some shooting early one morning.

The shots are panoramas, three stitched together using Hugin, the fourth pieced together like a puzzle using Inkscape. For the first two, I removed some background just to make the image echo the shape of the pods. Email me and let me know which do you like better - the one with the soft edge or the hard edge. I couldn't decide.

The third one - Patch Work Pano - is just the way it came out. I'm not sure the little image by itself in the lower middle of the image actually belongs to this series, but I like it.


Soft-edged pods panorama


Hard-edged pods panorama


Hard-edged pods panorama


Patch Work Pano