- 2007.9.3

a panoramic view of north shore

Reshoot - 9/3/2007

This was reshot at 35mm focal length instead of 70mm on September 3, 2007, using a tripod. This panorama covers 170°. See a 6419x910-pixel version of it. The full size version is 12837x1819 pixels.

Stitching was done on the server from the beginning, although I did the Hugin project file on the laptop.

There's a couple of odd little notches in the horizon, still working on those.

Original shoot - 4/8/2007

The original - a dirt-spotted 144° panoramic view of the north shore - stitched together from 10 full sized frames (about 3000x2000 pixels each). See a 7804x600-pixel version of it. (The original image ended up 21800x1676 pixels, a little too big to make people download.)

I used Hugin and Enblend to make it.

The first time I stitched it, it did it on my laptop, with its little Celeron processor. Three hours later, I had a 775MB TIFF file ready for viewing ... but I decided I didn't want to try to view it on the laptop. The laptop only has 768MB of memory - smaller than the image file itself!

So I shifted it to my server box, where 1GB of memory let me view and work with it. The exposure on a number of the frames needed adjusting, so I adjusted them using my favorite program for working with RAW photo images, Bibble, then restitched on the server. The server could restitch the panorama in about 10 minutes! So I went back and forth - adjusting exposure and exporting frames from Bibble, then restitching.

After five tries, it's good enough for now.

The dirt came from dust that got into the camera when I changed lenses on a windy day. I don't feel like trying to go through and clean up the spots on the images - I cleaned the CCD in the camera a few days afterwards.