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assorted pictures around chicago, october 2008

Inside the auditorium of the Harold Washington Library Center of the Chicago Public Library. Conference attendees heads are down because they all had laptops and the library provides free WiFi access.
What Chicago did very well two of the nights I was there: rain!
Chicago's in a part of the country that gets real winter. So what do they in October? Import potted flowers for the city streets!
A building reflecting a building which is reflecting a third building! Aren't reflective window coatings fun?
A station of the famous Chicago "El" - elevated train transit system. Any city that chooses steel-wheels-on-steel-tracks deserves the horrendous noise!
Close up of the "El" station.
A view of the Crown Fountain through trees and ferns.
A multiplied maze of reflections inside Cloud Gate.
A young couple using Cloud Gate to make a self-portrait.
The facade of the Chicago Athletic Association Building. It used to be an athletic club. Then it was sold and redeveloped into a hotel!
Chicago is the city of architecture. Just check out the variety of styles in this picture: Federal style, Gothic dome with decorative filigree, and a modern tower with top sliced off at dramatic angle! The Federal style, by the way, began at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893. It was the first time electric lights were used in a city. That fair also inspired a young boy named Walt Disney to eventually build a little-known theme park in southern California.
A filigreed white skyscraper with clock tower.
A complex alignment of building shapes, some lit by the afternoon sun.
Along the Chicago waterfront.
The Gothic-styled top of one of the skyscrapers.
Cityscape with sunlight reflecting off a building.
Gothic-styled balconies.
Curved entry facade of the Crain Communications Building.