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hawaii book & music fair - 2008.5.17

Panoramic view of the 2008 Hawaii Book and Music Fair in Honolulu
One of the many bands performing.
Trees are tall, yes they are! And this one even has two branches that form a loop.
A young woman making crepes.
Her partner in the crepe business.
Yes, a row of Hawaii's classic contribution to world cuisine: the plate lunch.
The ingredients of a ham and cheese crepe - ham, 2 kinds of cheese, and a crepe.
A slack-key guitarist.
Traditional Hawaiian weapons - koa clubs edged with shark teeth.
A small dog expressing his opinion of the heat with his tongue.
Two common Hawaii flowers - torch ginger (red) and plumeria (white).
A quietly-appreciative audience applauding one of the bands. Hawaii does hats very well, thank you!
Grandmother and granddaughter demonstrating one of the advantages of those new senior mobility devices.
Two ladies dressed festively for the Fair.
A Celtic fiddler performing under the hot sun.
The sun spotlights some feathery flowers in a tree.