- david - galleries - magic island & ala moana ccenter - 2006.4.29

magic island & ala moana ccenter - 2006.4.29

Alien tourists at the shore
Flying over the sea looks very peaceful!
Bound for another shore
Using a 500mm lens from 16 feet away to take a "macro" photo
Crab having salad for lunch
Empty crab: the salad had this crab for lunch
Some dark nutlike items in a tree
And now this skeletal building is full of very-well-to-do folk!
Water with floating leaves
Water with surface reflections
Dove dining in Ala Moana Center
One beautiful six-petalled flower inside Ala Moana Center
Harvesting the light
A cluster of spidery red flowers inside Ala Moana Center
A cluster of kids inside a sculpture in Ala Moana Center
Park your bike at the park, park yourself on the grass, and relax!